Warehouse Logistics and Location Planning Services from Business Logistics
Reduce Your Warehouse Costs and Improve Service Quality

Having warehouses in the right places and set up to run properly can make or break your company's competitive success. Do you have enough warehouses or too many? Is each warehouse in the right place? Is there a better way to optimize deliveries from your warehouses to your customers? How much could you save by reconfiguring your warehouse network?

Deploying inventory at remote warehouses locations and relying on outside parties to provide the kinds of service your company needs is a major logistics task where planning and execution mistakes can be very costly. Find out how our warehouse logistics consulting services can help your company in this important area of your logistics operations.

Our warehouse logistics services include:

Warehouse planning / setting up a warehouse
Warehouse optimization analysis
Warehouse site location evaluations
Public warehouse rate and service negotiations
Materials handling studies
Warehouse design reviews
Warehouse cost benchmarking
Warehouse labor productivity evaluations

Using our modeling approach we can also help you in planning the right number and location of warehouses for your distribution operations, assuring that you obtain the most cost-effective services available.

We'll evaluate your current warehouse logistics configuration, costs and needs, and we'll map your operations to provide a visual depiction of how materials and goods flow through your supply chain to your customers. Our modeling tools will develop an optimized warehouse logistics scenario complete with cost projections and savings estimates.

Our comprehensive services can also be used to find appropriate existing warehouse facilities, either public or private, or we can work with you to design a new facility from the ground up.


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