Private Fleet Evaluations from GLM:
Optimize the Value of Your Truck Fleet
Do you know if your private trucking operation is really helping your company? How much does it truly cost? Do really need a private fleet at all or is it possible that the one you now have should actually be larger?

GLM will evaluate your unique transportation operations and needs to determine the impact of your existing or proposed fleet on service quality and how cost trade-offs will affect your company's bottom line. We'll help to determine if having your own trucks is right for your company, and, if a fleet does make sense, we'll recommend the size, the type, the routes and the services it should perform for optimum benefits for your business and for your customers. Or, if you already have a private fleet, we'll show you how to improve its performance and maximize its value in your business.

You'll receive a Fleet Profitability and Service Quality Analysis to help you make the right private fleet decisions. For existing fleets, this analysis can also determine which vehicles and drivers are contributing value and which can be improved or eliminated. And, to help you to keep tabs on future performance, we can arrange to update these reports for you on a monthly basis.


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