Freight Service Quality Improvement:
Stop Delivery-related Customer Service Problems
Are your customers happy with the delivery services they're getting? The last thing you need after working hard to land new accounts (and to keep existing ones) is to experience continuing customer service problems related to freight -- but, if your company is like many others, you do frequently hear complaints from customers and sales people about delivery service failures as well as communication breakdowns leading to frustrations and lost sales.

We can fix your delivery-related service problems. When it comes to correcting delivery service problems, we know what works and what doesn't. We'll work to understand your company's particular issues and then we'll design a solution designed to remedy the problems and get your customer relationships back on the right track. We'll also work with your carriers to be certain that their management, drivers, sales personnel, and customer service representatives fully know what to do to keep problems from getting out of control.

Our Logistics Services can also work to improve service on shipments from your vendors, and can reduce materials and stock shortages caused by late deliveries to your plants and distribution centers.


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