Freight Cost Reduction Services:
We Specialize in Reducing Freight Expenses and Fuel Surcharges
Freight costs and fuel surcharges can substantially cut profits, and most companies are looking for ways to save money in these areas. We'll use our proven methods to find the best ways to reduce costs for your company, just like we've helped many other companies since 1989.

Our approach is very effective and is designed to produce savings quickly. We'll start by conducting a freight analysis and audit to evaluate shipment lanes, volumes, rates, fuel surcharges, and carriers to identify areas where your costs can be reduced. Then we'll develop a customized Savings Strategy that will enable you to start reducing costs quickly.

Once you approve the Savings Strategy, we will, at your option, negotiate your rates and will produce routing guides for your shipments so that the most cost and service effective carriers, warehouses, and other service providers are used each and every time. Or, if you wish, we can provide preliminary coaching to help you conduct carrier negotiations on your own.

GLM is not a carrier or a freight forwarder, but an asset-free, management-based consulting organization. We're unbiased in our work and can deliver new profits to your company's bottom line.

Data: The Key to Results

Much better results are achieved when reliable and recent shipment information is used in the carrier rate negotiations process. We'll build a freight transportation database of your company's shipment activities, including traffic lanes and shipment volumes, the transportation characteristics of the materials and products you ship and receive, your freight terms and your company's geographic shipment coverage. Then we'll assemble this information in reports that will allow carriers to fully understand your company's transportation service needs.

The Negotiating Process

We'll identify reputable carriers that are best suited for your shipments, and we'll provide them with information about your company and your transportation requirements. Then, we'll begin the rate and service negotiations process on your behalf using our highly effective rate target and RFP Management tools. Upon completion, we'll report the results to you, including carrier rankings with the amount of projected savings you can expect to realize. We'll also handle the appropriate carrier service and rate contracts for you.

You'll Get the Tools You Need

You'll receive carrier service information as well as shipment routing guides in hard copy or electronic formats. And, to keep your programs on track down the road, we offer options ranging from monthly cost and service monitoring to complete on-site or off-site outsourced transportation management services.



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