Supply Chain Management Consulting from Business Logistics:
Optimize your Supply Chain for Improved Service and Lowered Costs

When your Supply Chain is well synchronized, your company operates flawlessly.

Departments within your company interact and communicate efficiently, collectively working toward common goals. You benefit from cost reduction, your customer service quality improves, your sales increase and your company's profits grow.

Supply chain management consulting services from GLM can evaluate your business to develop and implement a strategy that will make your company's supply chain and logistics activities work optimally and in concert with one another. In fact, many of the benefits of our consulting services are be produced without the need for expensive software.

Before making a major investment of money and time in supply chain management technology, it's important that you know which parts of your supply chain are out of harmony right now. Alignment of sales, production, and distribution functions is critical in order to meet the needs of your customers both economically and efficiently.

We will perform an independent Supply Chain evaluation designed to streamline your operations and to maintain your competitive edge. We'll identify areas where simple process improvements can produce big payoffs before your company makes a major (and possibly mistaken) investment in supply chain management software. When software solutions are appropriate, however, we will help you find the right application for your company.

Choosing the right Supply Chain Management Software

Our consultants will help you choose the right software for your business. No one supply chain management package is right for every company, and there are various modules designed to meet very specific needs. Plus, there are important financial alternatives to consider, like rent vs. buy.

We'll study your specific needs and we'll recommend programs that offer the right solutions for your company, and we'll use side-by-side comparisons to show the pros and cons of each supply chain package, including the advantages of renting vs. purchasing. And when you're ready to move ahead, we'll provide project management support and consulting to assure that the installation phase progresses on time and on target.


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